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Being a car owner, it is your duty to fit your vehicle with an appropriate set of tyres. Tyres come in different categories like summer, winter, and all-season. All of these categories have different purposes and functions. If you want to drive accurately while ensuring a safe performance, you should invest in a premium set of summer tyres. In case, you hate changing your tyres as the weather progresses, you should buy a set of all-season tyres. However, buying a set of winter tyres for your car should become your priority if the weather condition becomes harsh and extremely cold.

We, at ABC Tyres & Wheels, hosts a fabulous collection of winter tyres Coventry from different tyre manufacturers like Bridgestone, Pirelli, Michelin, and Dunlop. If, by any chance, you are new to the world of automobiles, you should acquaint yourself with the concept of winter tyres and how they benefit you in the long run.

What are winter tyres?

Winter tyres are a set of special tyres that belong to the seasonal category of tyre industry. Usually, they help its user to achieve optimum standards of traction and gripping capabilities on snowy and icy roads. Moreover, they come with the addition of a unique groove pattern that helps them to evacuate the water and prevent the effect of hydroplaning. Also, other than ensuring a skid-free drive, winter tyres are exceptional because of their directional tread pattern. This pattern is a contributing factor for your brakes to achieve short distances.

We, at ABC Tyres And Wheels, are a known provider of some of the best winter tyres that the industry has to offer. Therefore, in order to make a precise decision, having a look at our catalogue of winter tyres will be beneficial for you.

Our amazing catalogue of winter tyres

Bridgestone Blizzak LM005 Driveguard

Blizzak LM005 Driveguard is not any ordinary winter tyre. Other than performing optimally in extreme winter conditions, the tyre also helps to support your car after a puncture up to 50 miles. Being a run-flat tyre, LM005 features a self-supporting rim to support the weight of you and your vehicle, in scenarios of air-loss from the tyre.

However, making a decision based on this information might not be easy for some customers. Therefore, we present before you some accurate and precise features of Blizzak LM005 Driveguard.

Some accurate and precise features of Bridgestone Blizzak LM005:

  • Reduced braking distances, all thanks to its combination of 2D and 3D sipes
  • Zig-Zag grooves to increase road contact and achieve excellent gripping on both snow and ice
  • Top-notch gripping and stability on wet and slippery surfaces, all because of its nano-selective compound

Pirelli Scorpion Ice and Snow

Scorpion Ice and snow is an ultra-performance winter tyre, designed for driving with comfort and security on snow-laden roads. Moreover, if your driving involves highways, Scorpion Ice and Snow has got your back. Being a touring tyre, it provides supreme precision and excellent cornering abilities even at high speeds.

Excited to know more? Here are some fabulous perks that come along Pirelli Scorpion Ice and Snow.

Fabulous perks of buying Pirelli Scorpion Ice and Snow

  • Multi-edge tread blocks to drive safely on hills covered with snow
  • Four-longitudinal grooves to fight against hydroplaning
  • Specialised tread design to grip effectively on icy surfaces

If these winter tyres Coventry excited you, why not get them delivered straight to your home? All you need to do is, follow some necessary steps, and you’ll get your favourite tyre delivered from us, at ABC Tyres And Wheels. 

Steps to get your favourite tyre delivered at your home

  • Input your desired tyre details or your car’s registration no. in our tyre finder tool
  • Choose your favourite tyre and add it to the cart
  • Type in your personal information like name, contact no. and home address
  • Complete the payment and get your tyre delivered by us.

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