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Encountering a puncture while driving comfortably on the road can be very annoying. Not only it wastes our time but also lands us into the trouble of replacing our tyre at a roadside. This problem can be further magnified if you don't have sufficient knowledge about changing your car’s tyres. In such scenarios, you need to call a towing van and travel to a nearby auto-garage. While this seems like an easy solution, it leads you to incur heavy maintenance, transportation and service costs. In order to save you from such issues, the automobile industry introduces run-flat tyres.

Moreover, buying an effective set of run-flat tyres is not at all difficult. Just give us, at ABC Tyres AND Wheels, a chance to prove ourselves. We host a wonderful collection of run-flat tyres that are guaranteed to support your vehicle after any sudden punctures. If by any chance, you are unaware of the advantages delivered by run-flat tyres, allow us to acquaint you with them.

What are run-flat tyres and how do they benefit you?

Run-flat tyres are a perfect example of modern-day innovation and enhancement. These tyres are something different from your regular seasonal tyres. A great example to prove this statement is their adequate puncture support. While your regular tyres get easily punctured because of dust, dirt or any foreign substance present on the road, run-flat tyres Coventry feature a reinforced sidewall that works to protect your tyre’s tube from getting cut or damaged. However, even if your tyre incurs any sort of damage, these tyres can support the weight of your vehicle for up to 50 miles. This time allows you to reach a nearby auto-garage and save some extra on transportation costs.

Our garage is a home for different tyre manufacturers like Bridgestone, Pirelli, Dunlop and Michelin. All of these premium brands are known to provide top quality of run-flat tyres for your vehicles with TPMS or tyre pressure monitoring system.

If you are unable to decide your take on this wonderful technology, allow us to make you aware of some efficient run-flat tyres that you can buy from our garage.

Some amazing run-flat tyres sold at our garage

Pirelli Winter Sottozero Serie II

For the pleasure of driving comfortably in extreme winter conditions, Winter Sottozero Serie II is known to win your hearts by enhancing your car’s strength and effectiveness. Moreover, the tyre is known for its I.B.S sipe construction that works to increase your vehicle’s traction on icy roads.

Other than some basic construction and traction support, Winter Sottozer also brings along the perks mentioned below.

Brilliant perks of buying Pirelli Winter Sottozero Serie II

  • Next levels of riding comfort, all thanks to its asymmetrical tread pattern.
  • Temperature dynamic compound to enhance your safety on wet and slippery surfaces
  • Pirelli’s special self-supporting mechanism to help you drive up to 50 miles after a puncture occurs

Bridgestone DriveGuard Winter

A flat run tyre from the world’s largest tyre manufacturer, Driveguard winter is exactly as its name tells us. Embedded with a new crown structure, Driveguard works very hard to enhance your stability and comfort on wet and snowy roads.

Moreover, it also brings along several features that you must acquaint yourself with

Wonderful features of Bridgestone Driveguard Winter

  • High-silica compound combined with nano-pro tech to enable short braking distances
  • Ideal performance against hydroplaning, all thanks to its tapered horn lugs
  • Excellent support against punctures, all because of its self-supporting mechanism

If you are looking to bus these tyres from us, at ABC Tyres And Wheels, follow the steps mentioned below and get your favourite tyre delivered to your home.

Steps to get your favourite tyre delivered from us

  • Input your car’s license no. Or desired tyre specifications in our tyre finder tool
  • Process your favourite tyre to the cart
  • Enter your contact information like name, address and phone no
  • Complete the payment and get your tyre delivered.

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