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wheel alignment

Under normal conditions, the wheels are aligned in a particular orientation to deliver desired results. Commonly, the wheels are aligned perpendicular to the road surface. It is required to be so, as to increase tyre life. Any departure from the regular orientation leads to uneven tyre wears and bending of the wheels at high speeds. We, at ABC tyres, and wheels know this fact, and hence suggest our community of drivers to get their wheels aligned regularly.

At our garage, we take special precautions while carrying out wheel alignment Coventry. We employ some of the most advanced technologies for the highest accuracy.

What is wheel alignment?

Aligning the wheels according to the standards set by the manufacturers is known as wheel alignment. Wheels not only help the car with the conversion of to and fro motion of the pistons into the rotatory ones but also assist in offering high performance and better fuel efficiency as well.

Numerous problems may arise because of misaligned wheels, some of which are as follows:

Uneven tyre wear

A lousy alignment is one of the biggest reasons for uneven tyre wearing. It is the wheels which ensure that the tyres make proper contact with the road. In case the wheels are crooked, the tyres run non-uniformly on the surface. Further, the tyres start to develop bald patches that enhance the rate of wearing.

Vehicle pulls to one side

Another issue that arises because of misaligned wheels is the constant pull of the car to one side of the road. One can easily decipher this problem by driving on a straight road. If the vehicle needs regular steering, it means the wheels are not aligned properly.

Discomforting ride

Comfort is significantly compromised in case the wheels are not aligned correctly. The main reason is the issues with the suspension system of the car. Moreover, misaligned wheels result in the wearing of the suspension system as well. Therefore, one must get their wheels aligned as soon as the ride becomes relatively uncomfortable.

Decreased fuel efficiency

The engine has to produce more power to provide regular acceleration if the wheels are misaligned. To suffice increased power requirements, the engine starts burning more fuel than that is required. As a consequence, the overall fuel economy gets decreased.

Increased emissions

Misaligned wheels burn more fuel. Therefore, the emission also gets increased when the wheels are not aligned properly. It adversely affects the environment and leads to increased air pollution.

If you are a considerate motorist, drive your vehicle to us, at ABC Tyres And Wheels. Our experts will scrutinise the problems lingering in the wheels of your car. We use cutting edge technology to reach to the roots of the issue and eliminate it in return. Wheel alignment Coventry is not only the service that you can avail at our garage. In case you want to know more about our services, don’t forget to book an appointment with us today.

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