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Are you looking for high-quality tyres at affordable prices? ABC Tyres & Wheels presents to you an exquisite collection of tyres Coventry from premium brands such as Bridgestone, Pirelli, Michelin, Continental, and Dunlop. We assure you that our team of experts will help you select a tyre model that perfectly suits your requirement.

It is not just tyres that drivers in Coventry require. Vehicular services are equally important. Our garage offers several vehicle-related services like wheel alignment, wheel balancing, exhaust repair, brake repair, and car service. All the repairs and services are carried out by automotive experts who are equipped with the latest technology.

Part Worn Tyres- Safe and Economical

Buying new tyres Coventry can be expensive as well as unnecessary at times. If you are a car enthusiast that likes to try new tyre models, then we suggest you have a look at our collection of part worn tyres. ABC Tyres & Wheels offers part worn tyres that have passed elaborate safety tests.

Best Tyre Brands- Assurance of Excellence

Tyres are significant investments. Good tyres are expensive. That is why you must make the right choice. Selecting a tyre model from a premium brand is beneficial for you because it comes with a promise of excellence. Tyre models from world leaders like Bridgestone, Pirelli, Michelin, Continental, and Dunlop build confidence in our customers.

4x4 Tyres- Efficient As Ever!

Tyres are often an overlooked part of our vehicles. A lot of people focus on servicing their car’s exhaust system, engine cambelt, brakes and clutch. Although all of these components play a vital role in ensuring our optimum safety on the road, you should never ignore the advantages of maintaining an efficient set of tyres coventry. The tyre industry manufactures a variety of tyres like summer tyres, winter tyres, all-season and all-terrain tyres. However, if you own an SUV car or a four-wheel drive, you need to focus on one other important variant known as 4 x 4 tyres

Vehicular Services- Everything You Need

ABC Tyres & Wheels offers every vehicle-related service that drivers in Coventry will ever need. From exhaust repair, brake repair, car repair, puncture repair to car service, wheel alignment, wheel balancing, and tyre pressure check- everything is done at affordable costs.

Mid Range Tyres

Mid range tyres belong to the middle price category of the tyres. These tyres are ideal for people who want accurate and precise performance from their vehicle at a price lower than the premium tyres.

Mid Range Tyres

Customer Friendly

We sell high-quality tyres coventry from profound brands at a reasonable and affordable price. We have a stock of branded tyres ranging from Michelin to Pirelli. We have them all, exclusively at your disposal!

Customer Friendly

Puncture Repair

Just like every man-made invention, tyres are also prone to various kinds of damages. Tyres can suffer cuts and damages from sharp objects present on the roads.

Puncture Repair
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Why Choose Us?

  • Latest tyre models from premium brands
  • Vehicle services at economical costs
  • Customer-friendly and highly trained team
  • The best equipment to ensure efficient services

We supply & fit tyres for all major vehicle manufacturers

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