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wheel balancing

All four tyres of a car should force the road with the same pressure to enhance the overall performance of the car. It is common to see wheels getting out of balance with each other. The result is the increasing tyre wears and suspension issues. Our experts, at ABC Tyres And Wheels, recommend the community to get their wheels balanced with every tyre change and also at the time of oil change. Getting the wheels balancing Coventry done in time will not only reduce the uneven wearing of the tyres but will also remove any future issues with the suspension system of the car.

What is Wheel Balancing?

The four wheels of a car should be in sync to achieve maximum performance of the car. The weight of all four wheels should be precisely the same. In case any of the wheels have a different weight than the other three, it should be balanced out. The process of achieving the required result is known as wheel balancing. Weights are added onto the wheel that is lighter than the others.

Two kinds of weights are used to balance the wheels:

Banged-on weights

As the name suggests, these weights are banged onto the vehicle’s wheels with the help of a hammer. It is generally not recommended as the banging process might damage the integrity of the wheel.

Adhesive weights

The counter to the damages incurred due to banged on weights is the use of strong adhesive weights. The adhesive sticks to the structure of the wheel and remains attached until they are not physically removed.

Reasons behind unbalanced wheels?

The most common of them all is the replacement of a heavy tyre with a light one. Tyres from various brands have different weights. To balance these tyres with each other, weights should be added to the wheels of the car.

Another reason for a tyre to get out of balance issues with the suspension system of the car. If the vehicle is unable to push all four wheels with the same amount on the roads, the wheels will behave like they are unbalanced.

How are the wheels balanced?

To accurately balance the wheels of a car, a tyre balancing machine is connected to the wheels. The machine gathers the required data about the weights of the wheels. The data is then processed, and accordingly, weights are attached to the wheels that need considerable changes.

Benefits of Wheel balancing

The most crucial advantage of getting the wheels balanced is the elimination of the risk of uneven tyre wear. Further, with balanced wheels, one will experience a comfortable and safer ride.

At ABC Tyres And Wheels, we offer accurate wheel balancing Coventry. Our technicians are experts on the data that is dispatched by our high tech machines. We make sure that no wheels go unbalanced once it is brought to us. To know more, don’t forget to give us a call. You can also book an online appointment with us or directly drive your vehicle to us and get those wheels balanced today.

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