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Regular tyres are made for everyday passenger cars. They have average cornering and steering abilities. Standard tyres can not suffice the high-speed requirements that are required by sports cars. When the vehicle speeds-up, an enormous amount of heat is generated in the tyres due to friction offered by the road.

Therefore, special tyres known as performance tyres were invented for sports cars. At ABC Tyres & Wheels, we make sure that the performance tyres Coventry offered will help your adrenaline rush in the best ways possible.

Advantages attached to the use of performance tyres are as follows:

High speeds

The rubber compound used in performance tyres imparts low rolling resistance. As a consequence, the friction between the road and tyres is highly reduced. The tread used in performance tyres is relatively slicker than the usual tyres. Hence, the tyres make excellent contact with the road surface.

Better acceleration

Acceleration of the vehicle doesn’t only depend on the power in the engine, but tyres play a crucial role as well. The hard rubber used in performance tyres helps the overall acceleration of a vehicle.

Increased grip

UHP tyres come with a hard rubber compound that makes the cornering and steering of the vehicle easy. Another advantage of these tyres is the rigid sidewall. The sidewall doesn’t flex much while taking tight turns. Hence, they resist blowouts at high speeds.

We store an extensive range of performance tyres that are sure to fit your driving needs.

Let us get you started with the following three models of performance tyre at our store. 

Pirelli P Zero Performance

Installed in the cars from manufacturers like Ferrari, BMW, Porsche, and Audi, etc., P Zero is an excellent summer performance tyre. The tyre is known for its exceptional sporty feel along with a high fuel economy.


  • Great wet and dry performance
  • Enhanced comfort even at high speeds
  • Increased mileage on smooth roads

Bridgestone Potenza S001

Potenza S001 is an all-season tyre ready to deal with every weather condition. The tyre is made to fit perfectly with the luxury vehicles and sports cars. The tread blocks present in the tyre are made to impart increased traction. As a consequence, the braking distance is greatly reduced.


  • Central rib is designed to offer high gripping capabilities on wet and dry roads
  • Block of the tread are made for enhanced cornering abilities.
  • Reduced rolling resistance

Goodyear Eagle F1 Directional 5

The tyre is made with the intent of providing a safer ride on the roads. The tyre comes with an extremely responsive grip for better cornering and steering.


  • The solid design of centre line rib for superb grip
  • High resistance to aquaplaning
  • A comfortable ride on uneven roads

If the mentioned models have intrigued you in buying performance tyres Coventry, drive your vehicle to us today. Our experts, at ABC Tyres & Wheels, will help you with the best in class tyres that will fit your driving requirements excellently. To know more, don’t forget to give us a call.

In case you wish to buy tyres online with us, follow the steps given below: 

  • Locate the tyre finder tool present on the top of the page.
  • Enter the registration number or tyre specifications.
  • Select the desired tyre model.
  • Fill in the address details.
  • Check-out by paying the amount

The booked tyre will reach you in a matter of a few days via mailing services.

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