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A car is an engineering marvel with various components working in synchronisation. The same is the case with the brakes of a vehicle. Brakes play a significant role in bringing a car to a sudden halt. If it is not for proper brakes of a car, the accidents happening on the roads will become inevitable. 

Our experts, at ABC Tyres and Wheels, believe in the regular servicing of the brakes to maintain an adequate level of safety on the roads. Therefore, we suggest you get your brake repair Coventry done with us, as soon as, you encounter any kind of issue with the brakes.

To help you spot the problems with the brakes, we offer the following symptoms that everyone should be wary of:

Screeching sound

One of the most common tell-sign that the brake pads need a replacement is screeching noise from the wheels. It should never be ignored. The sound implicates that the pads have lost their rubber, and pad metal is clashing with rotor metal.

Vibrating pedal

As the pedal is in indirect contact with the rotor of the brakes, any vibration can point to the warping of the rotors. The pads may be pulsating on the warped rotors. Hence, the vibration is felt in the brake pedal.

Spongy pedal

The brakes of vehicle work on the hydraulic system. To build the required pressure, fluids are used. When these fluids leak out, they leave nothing but air to press upon. This reduction in the pushing pressure results in the spongy pedals. As a consequence, the pads will not push onto the rotors adequately.

Brake Lights

Last but not least, modern computers in our cars are responsible for indicating a lot of intricate details and problems. The computers of a vehicle will catch any issue that remains hidden to the human senses. Brake warning light tells that something is wrong in the braking system of the car.

What to do in case of brake failure?

It is never recommended to drive at high speeds if your brakes are failing you. Any sudden movements will only make the matter worse. As a precaution, you should steadily release the accelerator pedal. Try to drive your vehicle to the nearest garage, or if possible, call someone for help.

We, at ABC Tyres and Wheels, can help you with the problems of failing brakes. Our experts have years of experience in resolving brake issues. They have gained an upper hand in delivering quality brake repair Coventry services. Therefore, if you are facing any difficulty with the brakes of your car, don’t forget to drive it straight to us.

To know more about our services, just give us a call. Tell our customer care expert the problem that you are in, and they will know what to do next. You can also visit us to get your query solved as well.

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