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puncture repair

Just like every man-made invention, tyres are also prone to various kinds of damages. Tyres can suffer cuts and damages from sharp objects present on the roads. These objects can range from a small nail to metal shards. We, at ABC Tyres And Wheels, understand how crucial the integrity of the tyres are for your safety on the road. Therefore, we recommend driving your vehicle to us, as soon as, you encounter a damaged tyre. We have a team of experts who can professionally provide puncture repair Coventry

What is Puncture?

Puncture is a hole in the inner structure of a tyre caused by an encounter with sharp and pointed objects. The object will penetrate through the tyre casing to the tube. This will result in a sudden or slow loss of air pressure.

What are the adverse effects of puncture?

No damage is a good omen. Puncture is no different. A sudden leak in the tyres of a speeding vehicle will lead to an uncontrolled car on a busy motorway. The consequences of which can be catastrophic.

Further, negligence towards a puncture can damage the tyre a little more with every passing day. Hence, it is suggested to get the puncture repaired as soon as it is discovered. 

How is a puncture repair carried out?

Only a professional must carry out all the puncture repairs. An expert will take a piece of rubber, and with the help of an adhesive seal away the leaking area of the tyre. In the case of a tubeless tyre, the expert will put a special sealing machine into the tyre. The sealant will be released and form a resistive patch against the leak. 

How Important is it to get the puncture repair done correctly?

One should make sure to get the puncture repaired properly. It will not only remove any questions on the safety of the driver on the road but also help him pass the MOT test. Getting the puncture repaired with experienced individuals will also enhance the life of your tyres as well.

Further, any leaking tyre or wrongly attended puncture will only fail the MOT test. 

The problems of damaged tyres seep deeper into the vehicle’s shock absorbers and wheels. A tyre with leaking air will not bar out any shocks encountered from the road bumps. Hence, the suspension system and wheels will face the effects of a failing tyre.

To avoid the effects of a puncture, don’t forget to drive your vehicle to us, at ABC Tyres And Wheels. Our experts will have to scrutinise the tyres of your car and carry out the necessary puncture repair Coventry in return. Next time you face any damage to your tyres, ensure to bring it to us, and we will take care of the rest.

To know more, don’t forget to give us a call. Our experts will be more than happy to help you in the hour of your need.

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