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A majority of customers desire to increase their car’s performance and overall looks. However, not all of them are aware of the proper ways to ensure their safety and performance on the road. A lot of people try to do this by buying expensive sports cars or vehicle modification. In reality, you don’t need to spend such massive amounts on your car. All you need is a trustworthy set of tyres for your vehicle. With so many brands to choose from, Dunlop Tyres is an intelligent choice for people who want accurate and durable performance from their car.

We, at ABC Tyres And Wheels, hosts an excellent collection of all-season, winter and summer tyres by Dunlop. If by any chance, you don’t know much about Dunlop, we invite you to our garage and learn about the journey and some interesting models of Dunlop Tyres.

An overview of Dunlop’s journey in the automobile industry

Dunlop Tyres is an innovative tyre brand, founded in Birmingham, England (1889). The brand was established by its founding member, John Boyd Dunlop. Being a 131 years old manufacturer, Dunlop has now become an ideal choice of customers for superior traction capabilities in winters and for stabilised performances in summers. In the present day, Dunlop is the 6th largest tyre manufacturer in the world. However, the brand’s manufacturing rights are also owned by Goodyear in North America, Australia and New Zealand.

Furthermore, Dunlop Tyres Coventry is also an ideal choice of premium car manufacturers like BMW, AUDI, Ferrari. The brands use Dunlop as original equipment on their cars.

If you are interested in buying these amazing Dunlop Tyres, have a look at our catalogue of tyres, offered at our garage, ABC Tyres And Wheels.

Some interesting Dunlop Tyres offered at our garage

Winter Response 2

As the name suggests, Dunlop Winter Response 2 is an excellent performance tyre for dealing with chilling temperatures and road laden with heavy snow. Moreover, it comes with the bite-edge technology to help you cut through the snow and drive efficiently without any trouble. Also, If your regular winter tyres trouble you with braking performances on icy roads, Winter Response 2 will help you in achieving next levels of gripping and braking capabilities on both snowy and icy roads.

If that is not worthy of your money, allow us to present some more advantages of buying Winter Response 2

Brilliant advantages of buying Dunlop Winter Response 2

  • High-speed rating and ideal support for SUV cars
  • Low-rolling resistance to decrease C02 emission and, in turn, increase our car’s mileage
  • High density sipes to improve the road contact and grip effectively on snowy, icy and wet surfaces.

SP Wintersport 4D

In case, you own an SUV or a high-performance vehicle, Wintersport 4D will definitely compliment your vehicle. Along with its diverse features and qualities, Wintersport 4D comes with a self-supporting rim to help you drive our vehicle up to 50 miles after a puncture occurs.

If by any chance, you are in the indecision of buying this winter tyre, you need to acquaint yourself with some of its features.

Out of the world features that come along Dunlop SP Wintersport 4D

  • In-built rim protectors to save your tyres from any kind of kerb damage
  • Noise shield technology to reduce unpleasant noises from the tyre
  • Directional grooves to grip the road with precision and prevent hydroplaning.

Buying these amazing Dunlop tyres is not at all difficult. Just follow the steps mentioned below and get these tyres delivered at your doorstep.

Steps to get your favourite tyre delivered at home

  • Input your car’s registration no. or desired tyre details in our tyre finder software.
  • Choose your favourite tyre and add it the tyre basket.
  • Enter your personal information such as name, address and contact no.
  • Complete the payment online and leave the rest to us



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