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In today’s competitive world, it is very difficult to choose an appropriate tyre brand for your vehicle. Be it Pirelli or be it Bridgestone, the competition among these brands have increased a lot. If you too are confused in making a precise decision on buying an excellent tyre, allow us to help you. While luxurious brands perform very well, but they come at a high cost. Whereas, Nexen Tyres are different. These tyres deliver superior performance and enhanced safety at the same time. Moreover, Nexen Tyres are ideal for today’s common man.

We, at ABC Tyres And Wheels, provide our customers with an excellent collection of Nexen Tyres at the best prices. Moreover, we also offer home delivery for tyres, so you don’t have to leave your couch to buy tyres. In case, you are unaware of the journey covered by Nexen Tyres, be our guest as we solve all of your queries.

An overview of Nexen Tyres in the automobile industry

Originally, Nexen Tyres was started by the name of Heung-A Tyre company, but later on, it was renamed to Nexen Tyre corporation. The company was established in South Korea, 1942. Being a 78-year old manufacturer, Nexen has a lot of rich experience in satisfying its customers with top-notch products for summers, winters and different terrains. Moreover, the company is trusted among people for its out-of-the-world stability and sporty performances. 

In the present day, Nexen Tyres Coventry is trusted and used as original equipment on various A-rated cars like Porche, Skoda and Volkswagen.

If by any chance, you don’t know much about the tyres offered by Nexen, allow us to help you. Have a look at our fantastic catalogue and know about some Nexen Tyres offered at our garage.

Some amazing Nexen Tyres offered at our garage

N Fera RU1

N Fera RU1 by Nexen is an ultra-performance summer tyre designed for high-performance cars and SUVs. In case, your regular tyres fail to satisfy you in terms of dry and wet gripping, give N Fera RU1 a chance. Moreover, the tyre is known to provide extreme durability and supreme handling at high speeds.

Nevertheless, the perks of buying N Fera RU1 does not end here. Have a look at the below-mentioned points to know more about the advantages of N Fera RU1

Out of the world features that come along N Fera RU1

  • Silent sipe design to block any unpleasant noises from your tyre
  • A balanced rib design to enhance stability and agility while driving at high speeds
  • Improved performance against hydroplaning, all thanks to its asymmetrical tread pattern

N Blue HD Plus

N Blue HD Plus by Nexen is the perfect example of a modern-day tyre. N Blue is a blend of comfort and performance as it features a unique tread pattern to smoothen the ride. Moreover, the tyre has a fuel-saving capability as it reduces CO2 emissions and puts less stress on the engine.

If that’s not enough, feel free to read some brilliant features of N Blue HD Plus

Some brilliant features of N Blue HD Plus

  • High-stiffness shoulder technology to improve your car’s agility
  • Excellent gripping on wet surfaces, all thanks to its lateral groove design
  • Four-wide longitudinal groove pattern to facilitate water drainage and fight against hydroplaning.

As mentioned above, if you are interested in getting these tyres delivered from us, at ABC Tyres And Wheels, follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps to get your favourite tyre delivered at home

  • Input your car’s registration no. or your desired tyre information on our tyre finder tool
  • Select your desired tyre and add it to the cart
  • Enter your personal data such as name, delivery address and contact no
  • Complete the payment process and get your tyre delivered at home.



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