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Amidst the vital parts of the car like engine, suspensions, exhaust, brakes, and clutch, etc. it is common to forget about the tyres. Though neglected tyres are essential for a car to reach its full potential. Every tyre needs pressure to support the weight of the vehicle. In the absence of adequate tyre pressure, the car will never achieve its full capabilities. 

Our experts, at ABC Tyres And Wheels, understand this fact. Therefore, they recommend the motorists’ community to get their tyre pressure check Coventry done every twice a month. Further, we invite people living in Coventry to get their tyre pressure checked with us, whenever required.

Several problems can be attached to inadequate tyre pressure. Let us list some common ones among them:

Problems due to under-pressure

Under-inflated tyres make more contact with the road than that is required. This is the reason they offer high rolling resistance. The direct effect of high rolling resistance can be seen in the decrease in the overall fuel efficiency of the car.

Another significant disadvantage of having low tyre pressure is the reduction in the load-bearing capabilities of the vehicle. If the sidewalls are not flexed correctly, the tyre will lose its capacity to bear a heavy load. Further, under-inflated tyres result in the faster wearing of the tyre’s tread.

Problems due to over-pressure

As much as under-inflated tyres are a nuisance to everyday drive, over-inflated tyres are not far behind them. Over-inflation of tyres maintains a constant risk of blowouts in the middle of the road. Blowouts are hard to control in the middle of heavy traffic. Therefore, it is not recommended to get the tyres over-inflated more than a specific optimum limit.

Over-inflation of the tyres also leads to the centre wearing of the tread. The uneven wearing of tyres renders the tyres to develop bald patches. These patches are an added threat to safety on the roads.

One can easily keep track of inadequate tyre pressure by installing a special system to monitor the correct pressure in the tyres. Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, or simply TPMS is a small device fitted to measure the accurate pressure in the tyres of the car. It warns a driver in case there are some issues with the tyre’s pressure. A warning light is provided on the dashboard of the vehicle. With the assist of TPMS, one can quickly know the time when the pressure is needed to be checked.

In case the warning light on your dashboard is flashing, don’t worry. Drive your vehicle to us, at ABC Tyres And Wheels. We will ensure that you will leave our garage safer than ever. Our tyre pressure check Coventry is accurate enough to maintain all the levels of safety on the roads of the UK. To know more about our various kinds of services, don’t forget to give us a call. Our experts will be more than happy to help you.

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