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The tyre industry is full of different brands that promise out-of-the-world features and advantages. Whether it is the world’s largest tyre manufacturer, Bridgestone, or the brands with superior winter performance, all of them have a unique significance. However, in order to benefit from the perks of these premium tyres, you need to pay a large sum of money to get them fitted. In case you want adequate and premium performances in the limits of your budget, Pirelli Tyres can be a beneficial option for you.

Our garage, ABC Tyres & Wheels, is known among the customers of Coventry to provide best-in-class tyres from Pirelli. Whether you are looking for summer tyres, winter tyres or all-season tyres, we have got your back with our latest and fresh collection of Pirelli Tyres Coventry.

Nevertheless, everyone doesn't need to know about the greatness of Pirelli Tyres. If you are also one of these people, allow us to acquaint you with the journey of Pirelli.

An overview of Pirelli’s journey in the automotive sector

Pirelli is a French tyre manufacturer, founded back in 1872. The roots and headquarters of Pirelli lie in Milan, Italy. Its founder, Giovanni Battista Pirelli, started the company. He led the company to greatness and achieved several milestones. Moreover, Pirelli Tyres has been supplying Sports and race tyres to sports cars, since 1907. 

In the present day, Pirelli Tyres is a known provider of sports tyres for the F1 world championships for 2011-2023. Moreover, it is also used as original equipment on various car brands like AUDI, Land Rover, VOLVO, and Porche.

If you are thinking about buying an efficient set of tyres from Pirelli, allow us to present some suitable Pirelli models for your car.

Some of the most remarkable tyres from Pirelli 

P Zero Rosso

P Zero Rosso by Pirelli is a sporty summer tyre. The tyre is known for its performance in dry weather and climates. Other than ensuring supreme precision and durability, P Zero Rosso also works to enhance your safety on the road. 

Below mentioned are some excellent features that come along P Zero Rosso.

Some excellent features that make P Zero Rosso an ideal tyre for your car

  • Continuous longitudinal grooves to prevent any sort of hydroplaning
  • Directional tread design to facilitate optimum gripping on wet and slippery surfaces
  • Supreme handling and agility, all thanks to its external compact area

Cinturato P7 Blue

Cinturato P7 by Pirelli is an innovative addition to the family. This efficient summer tyre is ideal for your hatchback and sedans as it provides smooth experiences on highways. Moreover, if your regular tyres trouble you with cornering and gripping performances, you should definitely give Cinturato P7 a chance.

However, the long list of advantages associated with P7 Blue does not end here. Look down below to know more about the benefits and perks that come with Cinturato P7 Blue.

Advantages of buying Cinturato P7 Blue:

  • An innovative tread compound to facilitate safer driving conditions
  • Decreased rolling resistance, all thanks to its carcass rigidity
  • Long and smooth journey, all because of its uniform contact pressure

If you are looking to buy these Pirelli Tyres Coventry from us, ABC Tyres And Wheels, you are in luck! We also provide home delivery of tyres for our customers. All you need to do is, follow the steps mentioned below to get your desired tyre delivered to you.

Steps to get your desired tyre delivered to your doorstep

  • Input your desired tyre specs or your vehicle’s registration no. in our tyre finder software
  • Select a tyre that suits you and add it to the cart
  • Type in your delivery information like name, contact no. and home address
  • Finish the payment and witness our delivery service at your home.



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