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When a person purchases any vehicle, the first thing which crosses his mind is to get the best vehicle services to maintain its good health in the long run. We, at ABC Tyres and Wheels, strive hard to provide our customers with excellent vehicle services and tyres, in order to obtain optimum customer satisfaction.


There is a purpose for every part of the vehicle. But people often tend to neglect one area of their car, which is tyres. Fuel economy, handling, and overall safety can be significantly enhanced if a car has tyres of the highest standards. If a tyre is under-inflated, it uses up more gas, thereby downgrading the fuel economy of the car. It is also essential to note that the tyres of the vehicle should be of proper size. 

A set of tyres that are ill-fitted can harm your overall driving comfort. If someone feels that he/she can get away with all-season tyres throughout the year, then they are highly mistaken. It is essential to have tyres that are appropriate for the current weather condition. 

ABC Tyres and Wheels realize the importance of tyres. Therefore, we host a comprehensive range of tyres Edgwick from reputable brands like Goodyear, Bridgestone, Yokohama, etc. based on the needs of the customer. 

Part-worn Tyres

If a person wishes to purchase part worn tyres, then the first and the foremost thing which comes to his mind is that they should be in excellent condition. A part worn tyre Edgwick is considered to be in great condition if there are no cuts in the tread and there are no bulges in the sidewalls. The visibility of the structural carcass should not be there. 

Before selling any part worn tyres, there should be an inspection whether the tyres meet the legal standards set by the concerned authority or not. We at ABC Tyres and Wheels ensure all the guidelines set by the concerned authority, to provide you with part worn tyres of the highest quality. 

Wheel Alignment

One of the most essential things that can help the tyre in performing optimally and last longer is wheel alignment. It is not only responsible for keeping one’s vehicle from pulling in a specific direction but also improves the handling of your car as well. Adjustment of the angles of your wheels is referred to as wheel alignment. If a vehicle needs Wheel Alignment Edgwick, it can be told. All you need to do is look for indicators like steering wheel vibration, vehicle pulling, or an off-centre steering wheel. 

We, at ABC Tyres and Wheels, have technicians who can readily identify the problem associated with your car’s wheels. Moreover, we also provide services of the highest standards as well.

Operational service hours are 

Mon to Fri 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Sat 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM

We also provide an online service for purchasing tyres. Just follow some simple steps, and we will deliver your desired tyre to your home. 

  • Locate the tyre finder on our home page
  • Enter your desired tyre specifications 
  • Select your preferred brand
  • Fill in the details that are asked
  • Complete the payment
  • Getting your desired tyre delivered

We are always ready to help you. Just contact us at info@abctyrescoventry.co.ukAnd will get back to you.

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