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We, at ABC Tyres and Wheels, host a plethora of services and products that are famous among the people of Coventry and nearby areas. We are also equipped with a wonderful team of mechanics and technology that are guaranteed to enhance your car’s performance.


Anyone looking to purchase a vehicle usually asks about the specific model of the vehicle. What are the amenities being provided, what is the overall performance package and even a suitable colour are some questions that come in mind while buying a new car? However, a majority of buyers do not think about the tyres of their car. 

Majority of the people are not even aware of the core functionality of the tyres. Their function is inclusive of absorbing shocks, maintaining optimum comfort on the road, traction, transmission, and supporting the load of the vehicle. While purchasing a new set of tyres, people assume that all the tyres and their brands are similar. However, this is not the case. The tyre market is full of dozens of tyre brands, but they should be chosen very carefully. 

We, at ABC Tyres and Wheels, offer the best quality tyres by carefully identifying the weather conditions, geographical area, budget, and driving habits. Our garage stocks some of the most quality branded tyres Allesley that you can trust.

Part worn Tyres

People are always looking for a better deal when it comes to the tyres of their vehicle. For the people who are cost-conscious, part worn tyres offer can become a good choice for them. Although part worn tyres are comprised of only 40 to 80 per cent tread, they are capable enough on the road. 

We, at ABC Tyres and Wheels, completely understand the needs of our customers. Therefore, we thoroughly inspect our collection of part worn tyres, so your safety is never compromised. 

Our team carefully monitors the condition of each part worn tyre Allesley that we sell. 

Wheel Alignment

Having a great car and taking it out for a drive is pure pleasure. It is a harmonious blend of speed, human control and sophisticated precision. But for a car to perform adequately, its suspension angles must be incorrect precision. 

Also, our safety on the road is somewhat dependent on a proper wheel alignment Allesley as well. We work to correct the angles of your car’s wheels, so your safety is never compromised on the road.

Hours during which we operate are as follows

Mon to Fri: 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Sat: 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM

If you are looking to buy tyres online from us, simply follow the steps mentioned below, and we will deliver your favourite tyre to you.

  • Open up tyre finder application
  • Enter the specification of your desired tyre
  • Chose the brand to purchase
  • Give the required details
  • Complete the payment
  • Get your tyre delivered at home

For any help and guidance, you can reach us at info@abctyrescoventry.co.uk.

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