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A car is a robust machine that has the capability to survive most of the harsh driving conditions. But every machine deteriorates with time. Degradation greatly depends on external factors. To enhance the life of any machine, it is necessary that they are serviced regularly. Similarly, to increase the life of a car and its components, servicing becomes inevitable. At ABC Tyres And Wheels, we offer an extensive range of car servicing Coventry. Regular servicing at our garage is focussed on increasing the overall life of the car along with its everyday performance.

What is car servicing?

Unlike occasional repairs, car services ensure that you don’t need any repair due to ageing components. Car services include oil change, check on exhaust emissions, the functioning of the suspension, etc. In case any fault is found within the vehicle, it is fixed at the time of servicing itself.

There are two major kinds of car services:

Interim Car Service: Done after covering 6,000 miles, interim car service ensures working of the engine and brakes, oil and fluids change and other 35 essential components. The core of interim car service is to maintain a long life for the car and eliminate every day driving challenges.

Full Car Service: Done once in a year, full car service includes an examination of the gearbox, coolant system, and 15-30 additional components along with the ones checked in interim car service.

How does the service benefit a car? 

As mentioned earlier, car servicing is crucial to increase the overall life of the car. That is not all; maintaining a car will also help in increasing the overall resale value of the vehicle. Regular car service also maintains a high level of safety and comfort on the roads. In addition to it; the cost of repairs can significantly be eliminated by regularly maintaining a car.

With the help of car servicing, one can achieve the full potential of the vehicle. It is the engine that delivers the complete power to the various components. A healthy engine is essential to impart better acceleration and speed. Car service can assist the motorists to maintain the health of the engine. Along with it, fuel efficiency also gets enhanced with a properly maintained car.

If that is intriguing enough, drive your car to us, at ABC Tyres And Wheels. Our experts have years of experience in organising top-notch car servicing Coventry. We employ cutting-edge technology to achieve the quality of services that your car deserves. You can also contact us to know more about the benefits of regular car servicing. You only have to book an appointment with us today and leave the rest to our team of experts.

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