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It is unfortunate to suffer from an early blowout or unrepairable punctures of tyres. The fact that tyres are an expensive purchase, makes a blowout more unwanted. Part worn tyres provide an excellent option to a motorist in such incidents. The only concern attached to the part worn tyres are the condition in which they are. At ABC Tyres & Wheels, we store a comprehensive range of part worn tyres Coventry that are made legal to sell in the UK by the government itself.

What are part worn tyres?

When a motorist look for alternatives to their already installed tyres, the replaced tyres find their way into the market. Part worn tyres are second-hand tyres that can be purchased at very affordable rates. These tyres have much of their days still left to see the road. One can enjoy the confidence and trust of prominent brands at affordable prices with the use of part worn tyres.

Benefits of using part worn tyres

Untimely replacement at low cost: Punctures and blowouts can randomly occur in the middle of a usual commute. Some punctures can leave a motorist with no other option but to replace the damaged tyre. In such cases, part worn tyres come to the rescue of a driver in need. Part worn tyres take care of the budget of the driver and the replacement requirement as well.

Features of branded tyres at affordable rates: It is a known fact that quality comes at the expense of high cost. But with part worn tyres, one can readily enjoy all of the features offered by branded tyres at very low prices. Branded tyres are dedicated to impart performance along with safety on the roads. Therefore, if the deal is done right, part worn tyres can prove out to be better than most of the regular budget tyres.

Parameters set by the government

Used tyres can have a dark past of puncture and sidewall damages that have made them available in the market. Hence, the government of the UK takes extra care while granting them legal certificates.

According to the Consumer Protection Act, The Motor Vehicle Tyres (Safety) Regulations 1994 Act set the following legal laws for the sale of part worn tyres:

  • The tyre should pass the full tyre inflation test
  • The tread depth should be or above 2mm with visible grooves
  • Tyres should be repaired in context to 4-7 regulations of BS AU 159
  • Part worn or ‘E’ sign should be embossed on the sidewall
  • No visible damage should be present in the tyre

If you are looking to buy part worn tyres Coventry for your vehicle too, drive your car to us. At ABC Tyres & Wheels, we store above par part worn tyres for enhanced safety and driving experiences. 

In case you want to purchase tyres online, follow the given steps:

  • Locate the tyre finder tool present at the top of the page.
  • Fill the registration number or tyre specification.
  • Book the desired model of tyres.
  • Enter the address and other contact details. 
  • Check out the purchase by completing the payment.

The booked tyre will reach you via mailing services.

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