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A person owning a vehicle might experience a headache in trying to find the best vehicular service for the vehicle he/she owns. For maintaining a long life for your vehicle, you must take care of it. Our mission of ensuring quality vehicle services and products makes ABC Tyres and Wheels a market leader in this domain.


If a person driving a vehicle wishes to be in control of acceleration, braking, steering, then he/she needs to ensure his/her vehicle has a set of top-notch tyres. The market is full of different types of tyres. Still, not all the tyres provide the comfort of the same level. There are some tyres which provide smoother rolling while some help to reduce noises and enhance fuel economy. Moreover, some tyres are designed to achieve optimum performances on wet and slippery roads. This makes it essential to purchase tyres which are best suited according to the condition in which a person drives. 

The majority of people choose budget tyres to ensure cost-saving. Still, they forget these types of tyres tend to deteriorate faster. Therefore, ABC Tyres and Wheels has quality branded tyres Holbrooks that customers can rely on. We offer tyres of brands like Goodyear, Yokohama, Bridgestone, etc. to cater to all the needs of our customers.

Part worn Tyres

Part worn tyres can either prove to be a great money saver or a huge gamble. These are tyres which have already been used, but they are sold only after they have met the guidelines set by the concerned authority. 

ABC Tyres and Wheels is a trusted name in the market for selling part worn tyres as we have quality tested collection of part worn tyres Holbrooks that consumers can take advantage of. Also, our garage has a team of experts who are equipped with the latest technology to inspect the part worn tyres before they are sold to the customers. We inspect our tyres for uneven tread wear, damage to the tyre’s sidewall, EU approval mark, the section width etc. to ensure it is safe for use.


Bad roads can be the worst enemy of the wheels of your vehicle. If a person drives on roads that are poorly maintained, it puts a huge impact on the alignment of your wheels. Also, wheel alignment ensures Optimum drivability for your car as well. A proper wheel alignment Holbrooks can help your vehicle to go in the right direction. Also, an expert alignment service ensures a smooth drive as well. 

ABC Tyres and Wheels knows the importance of wheel alignment and, thus provides the best possible solution to the highest degree.

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